Drone Services


Multimedia Production includes Commercial and Real Estate Videography and Photography, Special Events and Activity Marketing. 

MIDAIR360, LLC provides high quality images and videos for:

  • Real Estate and Businesses
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Aerial Imagery for Promotional Purposes.
  • Image Editing & Enhancements



By using drones for aerial inspections, building inspectors can identify issues on roofs, building exteriors, cell and water towers without the need to spend hours walking or climbing a site. This also prevents businesses from sending contractors into unsafe conditions unless it’s absolutely necessary. For insurance inspectors, drones similarly provide a streamlined way to inspect claims quickly and assess damage to property, homes, and commercial real estate. 

MIDAIR360, LLC provides commercial drone service for inspections:

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate 
  • Insurance Assessments
  • Roof Inspections, Measurement & Reports
  • Construction Site Assessment and Monitoring
  • High Definition Progress Reports
  • 3D Imagery

Mapping Solutions & Data Collection


Golf Course Superintendents and Farmers are lowering costs and maximizing course conditions and/or crop yields with drone mapping. Whether compiling plant counts, assessing crop damage, detecting insect and fungi damage, or planning drainage and irrigation repair, drones can play a vital role in precision agriculture and agronomy efforts to ensure better decisions are made throughout the growing season. 

MIDAIR360, LLC provides commercial drone service for Mapping Solutions & Data Collection:

  • Golf Course Assessment and Management
  • Agricultural Assessment and Management
  • Land Development and Urban Planning Park, Forest and Land Management
  • Park, Forest and Land Management
  • NDVI, RGB, Multispectral, and Elevation Maps
  • 3D Modeling 

Drone Service Pricing

Here is our drone service pricing.  All services will be priced by the type of service and by the hour.  We will do an assessment of the job and provide you with a quote.

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